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  A Board or Chamber membership provides excellent networking opportunities.

  Group buying power for Health Insurance, Workers Compen- sation Programs, and savings on other programs

  Being active in a local Board / Chamber of Commerce is a good strategy for businesses to use.




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The Kenmore Chamber of Commerce


John Buntin Jr

Chairperson, Member Services


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Membership Application (PDF)


Please Make Checks Payable to:
Kenmore Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 15171

Akron OH, 44314




Kenmore Chamber Membership Options


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There are many benefits offered by the Kenmore Chamber of Commerce with the Akron Boards of Trade Council to all member businesses and their employees. 

Clicking on our benefit providers below will take you to their websites.


Members of any Akron Board of Trade are entitled to the benefits provided by the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce.


Members are also entitled to benefits exclusive to the Akron Boards of Trade Council.



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Cut costs on your worker’s and unemployment compensation premiums with our worker’s compensation group rating program.

Receive amazing disocunts on your shipping needs through NOACC's FedEx Partner Ship program.  Click on FedEx above for more information.


Keep your employees happy and healthy with health insurance discounts for all board members' businesses. There is a variety of insurances available; life, health, accident, and many more.  To qualify for the group discounts available, members must have a minimum of two employees participating. For more information, contact a member insurance agent from our directory listings or advertisements.

Members are also entitled to various telecommunications benefits.  These benefits include local and long distance service for business and residents, as well as high speed internet, cellular service, and data service for businesses.

The Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce (NOACC) also provide the Akron Boards of Trade Council members with numerous other group benefits such as credit card and payroll processing, long term care, and shipping to name a few.