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Anthem BlueCross Blue Shield

Group Health Insurance:
Now you can get cost savings on your health insurance benefits usually reserved for larger companies.  How?  You get the purchasing power of the group insurance market through your chamber of commerce membership.   Plus, you also get access to the comprehensive care and quality providers you’ve come to expect.

ChamberSaver – traditional ACA plan. Informational Flyer

SOCA Benefit Plan (MEWA)

Small Group Health Insurance:
Now you can get cost savings on your health insurance benefits usually reserved for larger companies. How? You get the purchasing power of the group insurance market through your chamber of commerce membership. PLUS, you also get access to the comprehensive care and quality providers you’ve come to expect.

 SOCA Benefit Plan MEWA – self-funded group plan for employee sizes 2-50.  Informational Flyer.

 How do I enroll my company? Ask your current Anthem licensed agent for a quote with your NOACC chamber membership discount. If you are not currently working with a broker, let us help you find one in your area.  CLICK HERE to submit your request for a broker


Chamber Credit Card Processing Program:
We invite you to take advantage our BancCard Merchant Services offering which provides your business white glove service, REDUCED pricing, wholesale equipment, local and back up 24/7 service, and NO CONTRACT, all with a trusted twenty-five-year U.S. partner.  Our payment processing solutions can be customized for you and used for ANY TYPE OF PAYMENT solution needed for your business or organization.  This exciting offer is available to you just by being a chamber member.

Ready to get started?
CLICK HERE for a complimentary quote or reach out to Lisa Heller at 216-215-7547 or
CLICK HERE for an informational flyer.

Community Energy Advisors

Chamber Energy Program & Chamber Sustainability Program

The Chamber Energy Program provides energy supply solutions for our members’ homes, small businesses, and large commercial operations. As your trusted partner, we strive to provide education and protection in everything we do. The Chamber Sustainability Program helps members reduce their energy costs by connecting them with effective efficiency solutions and project funding and financing. This program can assist you with solution and vendor selection and ensure you are maximizing your ROI using a wide array of available federal, state, and local rebates, grants, incentives, and other funding options.

If you would like to obtain a complimentary bill review to see if you can save on your energy costs and/or improve your energy efficiency, simply choose one of the following options.

For more information, visit

FedEx Discounts

Chamber members can enjoy substantial FedEx discounts: 45% off on FedEx Express and international shipping, 25% off on FedEx Ground and Home Delivery.

Enroll in the FedEx Advantage Program to
start saving. For questions, contact or call 440-517-7275.

Informational Flyer!

Heartland Payment Systems

Payroll Processing:
Heartland Payroll allows you to process payroll with ease and confidence.  You will enjoy support when you need it, 24/7 payroll access, the convenience of having a local partner, fair and transparent pricing, and a support center with access to all the forms you need.  Payroll made easy. 

 Payroll Information Sheet

Managed Care Organization (MCO)

Sedgwick MCO helps injured employees return to work swiftly and safely,
offering creative solutions to minimize expenses and lost workdays. NOACC
members can rely on Sedgwick for long-term
premium savings and efficient workers’
compensation claim resolution.

Learn more at or email

Worker’s Compensation Discounts

Numerous alternative discounts are available to cut your annual Ohio workers’ compensation costs via the NOACC
program, managed by Sedgwick. This program offers quality service and
stability in navigating workers’ compensation
complexities. Start reducing your premium
today by requesting a free quote for group or
alternative rating/premium discount programs from Sedgwick.

Informational Flyer

Partner Ship

Chamber Shipping Program:
Chamber members receive exclusive discounts on inbound and outbound shipments of all sizes through the NOACC Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip®. Ship smarter with this free member benefit.

  • Save on small package shipping with discounts of 45% on FedEx Express and 25% on FedEx Ground.
  • Reduce your LTL freight costs and easily rate shop with TForce Freight, Saia, YRC Freight, and many others.
  • Benefit from partial and full truckload options for shipments that need added reliability and security or require specialized equipment.
  • Improve your supply chain efficiency with affordable contract or on-demand warehousing.

Get Started Enroll in the NOACC Shipping Program today to start saving. For members who are already using the program, but don’t have the current FedEx discounts, make sure you re-enroll to receive the improved pricing. If you have any questions about using the program or would like a quote, PartnerShip is available to help.

NOACC Prescription Savings Card

Simply create and print your FREE Prescription Drug Coupon Card and receive savings of up to
80% (discounts average roughly 30%) at more than 68,000 national
and regional pharmacies. This
coupon card can be used for potential savings on medications
not covered by your insurance.

Visit your chamber website to
download card

Members of the Kenmore Chamber of Commerce are entitled to the benefits provided by the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce.