Kenmore Chamber of Commerce

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P.O. Box 15171
Akron, Ohio 44314


The Kenmore Chamber of Commerce (formerly the Kenmore Board of Trade) presents the McCutchan Award yearly in honor of
Lee & Jasper McCutchan, who’s dedication & contribution to the Board and to the Kenmore Community will always be remembered. 
Created in 1997 by Mary Hensley, the first award was given to Edward J. Abdulla, who even after retirement continued to be a positive presence in the Kenmore Board of Trade.

The following words are inscribed on each award given—

“With deep appreciation to a person who has done many things for the
Kenmore Community and asked for nothing in return.
Your hours of dedication mean more than words can ever express.
Thank you!”

1997              Edward J. Abdulla
1998              Rev. Dale Smith
1999              Mary Hensley
2000              Susan M. Adaska
2001              John Buntin Jr
2002              Jill Stevenson
2003              Roger Ormsby
2004              Scott M. Smith
2005              James Lawson
2006              Sherry Carnahan
2007              John Buntin Jr
2008              Dolores Reeves
2009              Leroy Green
2010              Kathy Forsthoffer
2011              David E. Culbertson
2012              Dennis R. Thompson
2013              Richard Wiltrout
2014              Fred Zumpano
2015              David E. Culbertson
2016              Tom Lesiczka
2017              Jan Williams
2018              Seth Vaill
2019              Tina Boyes
2020              Jeffrey Vujevich
2021              Randall, Debbie & Sean Blake
2022              Josh Gippin